Rosie’s Diner and The Diner Store

I moved Rosie’s Diner across the country from New Jersey to Michigan, where I renovated it and operated it as a restaurant for many years.

This 2021 Detroit Free Press article tells some of that history.

If you are interested in buying Rosie’s Diner to give it a new life, please contact me at I know how to move diners and how to restore diners.

Rosie’s Diner “Muscle Car Night”
Rosie’s Diner 2 Chevys and a Hot Rod
Rosie’s Diner next to The Diner Store, DINERLND Jerry Berta’s Art Studio and Gallery.
Uncle Bob’s Postcard form Flint Michigan 1947 to 1988
Hotrods in front of Rosie’s Diner on Cruise night every Wednesday!
1960 Cadillac if Front of The Diner Store
Rosie’s Diner Award Winning Menu
Rosie’s Diner in New Jersey getting ready for the move to Michigan!
Jerry Pretending to walk into his Neon Diner Sculpture, before he owned a diner and before Photoshop!
A young Jerry behind the counter at The Diner Store, formerly Uncle Bob’s Diner
An old photo of Rosie’s Diner at night. Rosie’s is located at 4500 14 Mile Rd., Rockford, MI.