Hello, I have not set up my Esty store yet.

So please scroll down to view my tiki art.

To shop call or text me at 616 443 0452 or email me at to purchase.

add $18 shipping cost, for up to 2 tiki mugs purchased.

Thank you, Jerry

A Variety of Bertiki Mugs

Handmade Tiki Mugs

My tiki making story. Since the early 70’s, I have been made my living as a studio clay artist. I started with “funky” clay cars and trucks. I moved on to porcelain room scenes and buildings, which led to creating my ceramic and neon diners. Now, I make Tiki Mugs, using my 50 years of experience of working with clay.

A Rapi Nui Tiki Bowl w/ 3 Volcanos $250 holds 16 OZ